‘We have a lot of work to do’: How Canada will become more diverse as it joins the rest of the world in its ‘diversity summit’

The Canada-U.S. “diversity” summit is set to kick off next week in Ottawa with a number of new measures, including a commitment to promote “diverse communities.”

The goal is to create more inclusive, multicultural and integrated communities, said Ontario Liberal MP Olivia Chow.

Chow, who is also the minister of the environment, said a number on the government’s list of priorities is the introduction of a national minimum wage, a national childcare strategy and “a national conversation around climate change.”

Chow is referring to a new federal minimum wage and childcare plan, which is being worked on by the provinces and territories, which she said will be a “game changer” for low-income Canadians.

Chow also said she is looking to “reinvent” Canada’s “biculturalism” initiative to “bring the country together” in the face of the spread of Islamic extremism.

“I’m looking forward to talking about the issues facing Muslim Canadians today and how we can create new and different ways of being Muslim in Canada,” she said.

Chow is the first minister to address the “diversification” summit, which will also feature the government announcing a number new measures aimed at boosting the economy.

The “divergence” agenda is part of a larger agenda of the government that aims to boost the Canadian economy by $100 billion over the next decade, including by expanding apprenticeships, bringing in more skilled immigrants and boosting the “integration of immigrants and refugees into our economy.”

In an interview, Chow said that while she supports the federal government’s goal of diversifying the economy, she also recognizes that the country’s diversity and multiculturalism is an important part of the equation.

She said that the “bias” of the federal Liberals, which have a history of pushing back against the “cultural imperialism” of white supremacists, is part and parcel of the countrys “dynamic.”

“The Liberals have been in power for decades now.

And this is their first time in power,” she added.

“We need to create a more dynamic government.

We need to be more inclusive.”

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