What’s in a name? Asus to add 4K monitors to portable devices

The company is planning to release a range of new mobile devices this year that will include a 4K-capable mobile display, the company said in a regulatory filing on Thursday.

The 4K monitor is a form of ultra-high resolution (UHD) display, and it will include features like a built-in camera that can capture video.

The company also announced plans to expand its tablet line with a range including the Asus ZenPad Z and ZenPad Pro tablet.

The ZenPad X is a tablet that is expected to cost around $300, and the ZenPad R is expected at around $200.

In the filing, Asus said the new tablets will include “the ZenPad Ultra and Zenpad Pro,” and it said that the Zenpad R will be the first tablet to feature a 4,000 x 2,200 resolution display.

Asus also said the tablet and its associated accessories will be available in June, while the tablet will be released later this year.

The tablet’s specifications are unclear, though the company has said it will sell a 4k display.

The tablet will also include a camera that will capture video, the filing said.

Asus said the ZenPads will be supported by “exclusive software updates,” though there are no plans to offer a similar suite of apps and services for its other mobile devices, like the Asus PadFone and Asus PadPulse.

Earlier this month, Asus also announced the launch of its new tablet, the ZenWatch 2.

The device is expected for an MSRP of $149.

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