When Microsoft’s new 4K curved monitor gets the 4K treatment

The new 4k curved screen on Microsoft’s latest Surface tablet, the Surface Pro 4, has received rave reviews, but a few users have complained that it doesn’t work well with their existing monitors.

A Reddit user who asked that we not use his name for privacy reasons shared his concerns on Reddit, noting that the new screen “doesn’t feel like a 4k monitor.”

A user called nashkaz pointed out that his 4k HDR monitor had a problem when he upgraded to the new 4 k version.

The user noted that he would often switch back to the previous monitor if he needed to.

But now that Microsoft has released the 4k version, he said he was still unable to switch back.

Another user posted about the same issue and found the same thing, noting “I am not getting the HDR mode.”

We reached out to Microsoft for comment on these complaints and will update this post when we hear back.

The Surface Pro 3 is Microsoft’s most recent 4k-ready tablet.

The company has released a number of other new tablets over the past few months, including the Surface Book, Surface Book Pro, Surface Pro 2, and the Surface Studio.

The 4k Surface Pro is the company’s most expensive 4k tablet, selling for $1,299.

It is available in both a 13-inch and 16-inch version.

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