Why is the brain’s hemodynamic response changing?

It’s a common thought that the brain is making a big deal of oxygen and the hemoglobin molecule.

However, this is not necessarily true.

A new study published in The Journal of Neuroscience shows that the hemodynamics of the brain are not changing as much as is assumed, which could have important implications for treating stroke.

In a previous study, the researchers found that the number of blood vessels in the brain increased when the brain was exposed to oxygen.

This study also found that hemodynamic changes were not limited to a single molecule.

The authors of the latest study say that while the brain may have evolved to be able to produce more oxygen, its response to it could have evolved differently. 

“There are a lot of assumptions that are often made, that this brain is really a very oxygenated organism and it’s just that it has to produce the oxygen to keep up with the amount of oxygen that it gets,” said the study’s lead author, Jodie Fung, a PhD candidate in electrical engineering at MIT. 

The team looked at the changes in hemodynamics as part of a larger project to study the structure of the nervous system.

The scientists took a group of volunteers with healthy brains and showed them two types of oxygen: oxygen with a pH of 6.4 or oxygen with no pH.

The volunteers were also shown images of white matter and blood vessels, which showed changes in their hemodynamics when exposed to the oxygen. 

Researchers found that in response to oxygen, the blood vessels’ hemodynamic responses increased by 1.1 percent in a brain sample that was oxygenated. 

However, when they exposed the brain to oxygen with an pH below 5.2, the hemodynamic signals decreased by 0.6 percent.

The researchers found this to be significant because this pH would be a normal level for the brain.

“There’s a lot going on that we don’t fully understand,” Fung said. 

There is a lot that we know about how the brain functions, including the fact that it processes information, Fung added.

“But the hemodynamically response is not changing, and that’s something that we’re still struggling with.” 

Researchers are still exploring what exactly is going on.

They say it may be that the pH of the blood changes as the brain takes in more oxygen.

They are also looking at the effect that the presence of oxygen also has on hemodynamics, Fong said.

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