How to Upgrade Your PC to a 60Hz Monitor and Gaming PC

In recent months, gaming monitors have been a staple in the living room, a necessity for many people with PCs that only support 60Hz refresh rates.

Unfortunately, this is also the case with monitors that come with the option to connect to a 120Hz refresh rate, which is why you’ll see so many people buying monitors that have a 120hz panel and/or a gaming-focused monitor built into the case.

And these monitors will cost a lot of money.

But what about a monitor that comes with a 60hz panel that doesn’t have a gaming component?

If you’re a PC gamer, it’s probably a good idea to consider buying a new gaming monitor for your next gaming rig.

But if you’re looking for something that will do the job well, it might not be the right choice.

Here’s how to upgrade your PC to 60Hz, and if you need more information on what that means, check out our in-depth guide to gaming monitors.


Upgrade your graphics card If you have a high-end PC that doesn-not-support 60Hz or a 60fps monitor, the best option might be to upgrade to a high end graphics card, such as a GeForce GTX 980 Ti or GeForce GTX 970.

These cards have better power efficiency and better performance than lower-end cards, so they’ll last longer and offer more gaming benefits.


Get a gaming keyboard and mouse If you are a PC fan, you might want to get a gaming mouse for your gaming rig, such a Razer Hydra or Logitech G502, which will let you control your gaming PC from your keyboard or mouse.


Check out the specs of the new gaming monitors The first thing you’ll want to do is make sure you have the latest Intel graphics cards, which should be in stock, and that you’ve also upgraded your processor to the latest generation.

If you don’t have an Intel processor, you’ll need to buy an older Intel chip from Intel or AMD, as the chips have higher clock speeds and better overclocking potential.


Check the specs and performance of the monitor itself If you can’t find a 60 Hz gaming monitor, you may want to look into buying a high quality monitor, as some manufacturers offer them at very competitive prices.

A 60Hz monitor will also give you more gaming power, as it will be able to push out more pixels per inch (ppi) compared to a standard 60Hz display.

But a 60 FPS monitor will offer less power efficiency, which could cause your PC’s cooling system to become sluggish, and it might cause your graphics cards to not work as well.

You should also take into account the refresh rate you’re using.

For a 120 Hz monitor, your monitor will have a minimum refresh rate of 120Hz.

If your PC can’t support 120Hz, it’ll likely have a refresh rate limit of 120 Hz, or 120Hz+ instead.

A 120Hz monitor is best if you want to play games at a 120 FPS or better, but it might require a lot more power to run at a 144Hz or higher refresh rate.


Buy a monitor to play 4K gaming You’ll want a monitor with a 4K resolution.

This is the highest-resolution possible, which means that it will look better than 1080p.

Some monitors offer an option to play a 4k monitor in the middle of a 4:3 aspect ratio.

For example, the Asus MG279Q has a resolution of 2760×1440 pixels on a 178Hz panel.

4K monitors also offer a number of advantages over the standard 1440p resolution on most PC monitors, including higher contrast and more detail in dark scenes.

If a 4 k monitor doesn’t look good, you can also try out a 4 K gaming monitor.

This will allow you to see what the contrast and color reproduction look like when your game’s graphics is at its best.


Check compatibility with the latest games, software, and drivers The next step is to check whether your PC supports the latest versions of DirectX and the latest drivers.

This might mean that you can get the latest patches or the latest graphics cards.

If not, check to make sure your PC is compatible with the games and software that you’re trying to run.


Install the latest AMD drivers If you’ve been using an AMD graphics card for a while, you should be able the latest driver for your AMD graphics.


Check to make certain the monitor isn’t over-priced If you want a good gaming monitor that you won’t be shelling out for, you will want to buy a gaming monitor with good specs and a good price tag.

Check these recommendations to see if a monitor is the right option for you: Monitor Type Monitor Specs Resolution Resolution Refresh Rate Price 60Hz Gaming Monitor Dell Inspiron 15 7000K 4K 120Hz 2560×1600 $599 4K Gaming Monitor LG G2

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