How to upgrade to Dell 4K monitor in Australia

We’ve covered some of the major features of the Dell 4k display, but what are the lesser known but still worthwhile features?

Here’s a look at the main features of a Dell 4×4 monitor in the country.

1) 1080p IPS resolution and HDR technology.

Dell’s 4k 4k screen is equipped with a whopping 2160p resolution, and while the 1080p version is not the highest resolution available, the HDR tech makes the display a very attractive alternative for HDR-ready content.

2) Full-HD resolution.

Dell has a full-HD (1920×1080) resolution available for its 4k 1440p display.

This resolution is one of the biggest advantages over the 1080i version, as you get full-fledged HDR in your content, including HDR content from Samsung and Sony.

3) Ultra low blue light (ULMB).

Dell’s ULM (ultra low blue noise) technology is used to reduce blue light emissions from the display.

4) Free-form anti-reflective coating.

This coating helps to ensure that the display’s screen is not affected by ambient light and can be easily removed if needed.

5) Superfast response time.

Dell claims that its response time is “one of the fastest in the industry” and it is.

This means that your gaming experience will be smooth and responsive even in low-light conditions.

6) HDR support.

Dell provides HDR content for its standard 1080p display, as well as for its 1080i 4k variant.

7) Ultra-thin bezel.

This bezel is 0.34 inches thick.

8) Dolby Vision 3.0 support.

Dolby is the most advanced 3D vision system in the world and is supported by a range of consumer products, including the Dolby Atmos sound system, the Dolasense HDR technology and the Dolce Digital Plus sound system.

9) Support for NVIDIA 4K displays.

NVIDIA’s 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray 3D content is also supported by Dell.

10) Wireless charging support.

10.1-pin charging cable.

11) Dual-mode stand.

Dell uses a dual-mode design, with one position for desktops and one for laptops.

Dell also offers a full set of tilt-to-tilt buttons on the front of the monitor.

12) Wireless audio.

The Dolby Cinema 4K feature is supported for Dolby Headphone, DTS Digital Surround sound and Dolby Pro Logic II sound.

13) USB-C connectivity.

This is a reversible connector, allowing for USB-c cables to be used.

14) Bluetooth connectivity.

Wireless connectivity is also included.

15) Built-in speakers.

Dell adds an onboard stereo speakers, which are very nice to have.

16) USB Type-C port.

This port is designed to be reversible and allows for USB Type C.

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