Dell 4K monitor gets a price bump

By TOM BERRYAssociated PressAUSTIN (AP) Dell’s 4K TV is getting a price boost.

The company said Tuesday it would add a 4K-compatible version of its TV to its lineup, which includes the 5K-capable TV and the 2K-only 4K version.

The Dell 4G TV and its 4K equivalent will start at $1,199 and $1.299, respectively, and are available starting in early 2018.

The Dell XPS 13 4K 4K will start from $1 and the Dell XS 15 4K for $1199.

The 4K model also includes a Dolby Atmos speaker and HDR, a new Dolby Vision display that can decode HDR video.

The XPS 12 4K, the latest TV from Dell, has a $1 a month subscription option for a yearly subscription, and the XPS 14 4K has a subscription option of $499 a year.

Dell said it has been working with the American Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers and others to develop the new 4K TVs.

It’s the first time that a 4-screen TV has been offered at such a price.

Dill also announced that it would give away two new 4-in-1 products this year, the 4K XPS 10 and the 4-inch XPS 11, both of which include a 3-D Touch display and a powerful GPU.

The latest 4K television, the XS 13, starts at $299.

The XS 10 starts at about $300.

Daleiden is working with other manufacturers to deliver 4K televisions.

For example, Panasonic said last year that it will begin offering 4K and HDR 4K models this year.

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