4K monitor with 144Hz support is here

The newest 4K display tech from Asus has come to market, and it’s a 144Hz monitor that supports 144Hz, which makes it a lot more affordable than the $700 4K displays that have been coming out.

The 144Hz Asus monitor is called the Asus 144, and the specs are pretty straightforward.

It sports a 144-inch curved screen, which is a little bigger than a regular 4K TV, and has a 144° wide viewing angle.

The 144Hz panel supports the full range of refresh rates, from 144Hz to 120Hz.

Asus claims that this is possible thanks to a combination of a low-power panel design and a high-resolution pixel array, which helps to reduce input lag.

This new monitor will be the first of the new 4K TVs to support 144Hz.

There’s a new 4,000 mAh battery in the monitor, which will power the display from your smartphone or tablet.

The Asus 144 supports up to 144Hz in both portrait and landscape modes, with 60Hz available when the panel is in portrait mode.

Asus says it is compatible with up to 4K resolutions, so you could use it for gaming on a 1080p TV.

Here’s the specs for the Asus 4K 144Hz:The Asus 144 comes in four colors, which Asus describes as a “blend of vibrant colors and warm tones.”

It’s also available in “ultra-warm colors” and a “warm tones.”

We haven’t seen the new 144Hz display in action, but it looks like it should have some of the same high-end qualities as the Asus 1080p panel.

The screen comes with a built-in microphone that will let you listen to audio when you plug in a Bluetooth headset, but Asus says the speaker is also optional.

The Asus TV comes with two USB ports, one for the monitor and one for your wireless dongle, which means you can use your phone or tablet to plug in your headphones.

It also comes with an HDMI port, which you can plug in another phone or dongles to connect to.

The HDMI port also supports 3D video, so we’ll probably see more of these later in the year.

You can buy the Asus 1440p 144Hz LED TV for $1,299, and you can get the Asus 2160p 144 Hz LED TV from Amazon for $399.

The specs for both are similar, though Asus is offering a better deal.

The 2160P model has a lower pixel count, and offers more colors, but the 144Hz model is more expensive and has more specs.

Asus also offers an RGB model for $249.

You might not be able to pick up this Asus 144 at retail, but you can find it on Amazon, Best Buy, and other online retailers.

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