Amazon to buy FreeSync for $99.99

Amazon has purchased FreeSync, a monitor and video capture technology that enables users to watch three video sources simultaneously.

Amazon’s FreeSync is one of the more popular video capture technologies available for mobile devices.

Its features include high-definition video capture, motion capture, live audio and video editing, and streaming video from a variety of devices.

The Wall Street Post reported that the company had been exploring its FreeSync acquisition for months.

The acquisition is expected to be finalized in the third quarter of 2019, the company said in a blog post.

Amazon has also been looking to acquire more advanced motion capture technology from the video camera and gaming industry.

FreeSync was one of those companies that Amazon acquired in December 2015.

That acquisition allowed the company to use FreeSync technology to record and capture high-resolution, high-speed motion capture and gaming video.

The FreeSync company also developed a patent-pending motion capture platform, which was used to record high-quality 3D images for use in Amazon’s Alexa voice-activated assistant, the Wall Street Review reported.

Amazon and FreeSync have also been working together on the FreeSync SDK for developers.

The SDK allows developers to easily create free-to-play apps that use the Free Sync technology to control their FreeSync-equipped smartphones.

FreeSync was initially available for Android phones in late 2018, but was only available on certain devices.

Google acquired the company in 2018.

Amazon recently released a set of Android phones with FreeSync built-in.

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