How to measure your oxygen saturation and use it to plan and optimize exercise for oxygen saturation

A simple tool that helps you determine your oxygen saturations is a simple and inexpensive tool called an oxygen saturation meter.

It is easy to use, can be found at most fitness centers and is designed to measure oxygen saturation in the blood.

As of now, there are two types of oxygen saturation meters: a blood pressure and a heart rate monitor.

The blood pressure meter is not a heart monitor.

It measures your heart rate.

If you do not want to purchase one of these devices, a heart monitoring tool is available for free at most pharmacies, health food stores, and online pharmacies.

In the chart below, we show how to measure an oxygen-saturation meter and use that data to plan your workouts for an oxygen level of about 85 percent.

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The heart rate meter is a heart-rate monitor that measures your pulse.

It can measure your heart rates in the range of 100 to 180 beats per minute.

A heart-pulse monitor is not compatible with a blood oxygen level meter.

However, if you have a heart disease or a heart valve disorder, the heart-breath monitoring device can be used to monitor your blood oxygen levels.

For more information, please visit the Department of Medicine’s oxygen-saturation monitoring website. 

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