How does this story compare with the 2008 Bhopal gas disaster?

An international investigation into the 2008 gas disaster in India’s eastern state of West Bengal has identified several factors that contributed to the disaster, including a lack of infrastructure, inadequate monitoring and lack of adequate public safety measures.

The report, published by the Indian Institute of Science (IISc), has been hailed as the most comprehensive global assessment of gas safety and has been endorsed by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).

“It has the potential to provide invaluable insight into the causes of the 2008 disaster and will help improve public safety,” IISS Director General S.A. Bhaskar told Al Jazeera.

“We need a comprehensive approach, which is more than just the gas sector.

We need a holistic approach.

That’s why IISS is bringing together the world’s leading experts in safety, gas, and water resources to help us develop a common approach for disaster response and recovery.”

The report has been authored by a team of IISS experts and has already been accepted for publication in a journal.

IISS chief engineer Deepak Mehta said the findings show that India’s lack of a national gas grid and lack “of adequate safety infrastructure” were major contributors to the 2008 accident.

“The situation in India today is completely different than in 2008,” Mehtas said.

“You cannot go back to 2008 without finding some new problems.”

The new study, released on Thursday, has highlighted the shortcomings in the Indian gas grid.

The gas grid is a complex network of interconnected pipes, valves and distribution points that are often inadequate to manage the vast number of natural gas leaks that are an ongoing problem in India.

The problem is particularly acute in rural areas, where the infrastructure is more extensive and the infrastructure has not been upgraded.

“There is a need for the Indian government to provide more attention to the need for proper gas infrastructure and to improve the overall infrastructure,” Mehyas said, adding that “a complete overhaul of the gas infrastructure in India is needed.”

The study found that the grid was not adequately protected from natural gas leakage.

“In addition, there was no effective monitoring and monitoring systems,” the report said.

The government had not made any public statements about the report’s findings, and no official statements have been made on the IISS report.

But India’s chief minister had expressed his “profound regret” for the gas accident in an interview with a local TV channel in September.

“I would like to express deep regret to all those who lost their lives in that tragedy,” Narendra Modi said in an August interview with an Indian TV channel.

“They were unfortunate people who were in the wrong place at the wrong time.”

The gas leak caused about 1.8 million deaths and 2 million injuries.

India is a country of about 2.5 billion people.

A number of other studies have suggested that the lack of gas infrastructure is responsible for the massive spike in the number of gas leaks in the country.

The country is estimated to have around 50 billion cubic meters of gas reserves, but estimates vary widely due to differing assumptions about the actual amount of gas being stored and whether gas leaks have been effectively plugged.

The IISS study found the gas grid to be “inadequate to manage gas leakage and to manage natural gas and diesel traffic in the region”.

India’s gas network was poorly protected from the gas leak, as there was a “poor monitoring of leakage and natural gas transport across the network”, the report found.

The researchers concluded that “the lack of effective monitoring, monitoring and management of natural and natural-gas traffic in this network contributed to significant and pervasive natural gas leakage”.

The report’s authors also highlighted the “lack of effective, timely and accurate monitoring and reporting of natural- and natural fuel leakage”.

India was not alone in its reliance on natural gas.

The U.S. and Germany were also among the world leaders in using natural gas, with some European countries using it for domestic purposes.

But the IISc study pointed out that the use of natural fuels was “highly dependent on the location of the source of the fuel, the type of fuel and the nature of the system used”.

For example, in India, gas used in industrial activities was used in the coal industry.

Gas used for industrial use also needs to be piped to the power generation sector to meet the country’s energy needs.

India’s reliance on domestic gas also contributed to a lack in infrastructure for gas monitoring and emergency response, the report noted.

“Many of the facilities required for gas-monitoring are inadequate and/or lack the necessary facilities to meet basic requirements for gas leakage detection and control,” the ISS said.

India needs to improve its gas monitoring infrastructure, including installing a network of monitoring stations, and the “continued maintenance and upgrading” of gas distribution systems.

“India’s gas sector is in urgent need of extensive attention,” Mehya said.

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