How to keep your car’s tires from slipping on a winter test drive

By Michael E. HulmePublished November 07, 2018 10:32:10A car’s rubber is often a very sticky rubber, but it can also be a very soft rubber, and it doesn’t have to be.

That’s why, if you have a hard-to-drive, low-quality tire, you might want to keep it in the garage for a few days before putting it on your road trip.

But the rubber on the inside of the car, and the rubber around the rim of the wheel, are very slippery, and, unless you can make them sticky, they won’t slide.

So why bother?

Well, because, if the rubber gets sticky, it can make it very difficult to pull the wheel out of the drive shaft.

And that can lead to an abrupt stop, or a very bumpy ride.

So how can you avoid slipping on the drive wheels?

First, it’s worth taking your tire pressure.

That measurement, called the PPI (pounds per square inch), can tell you how much rubber is in the wheel and tire.

In a typical car, that would be about 25 grams per square millimeter, or 0.0425 grams per foot.

If you take your tire’s PPI measurement with a stick, you’ll find that the car’s P-value is higher than 25 grams.

So you want to get a very good tire.

But if you do a few tests to see how it feels on the outside, you can see that the tire’s rubber will feel more slippery.

You want the tire to feel as though it’s soft and soft as possible, so you can apply pressure on the tires and make them feel as hard as possible.

You might also want to check the tire for leaks, as that could lead to the rubber cracking, or slipping out of a corner or brake.

It can also give the car a bit of an oily feel, so check the tread for cracks, too.

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