How to get a monitor mounted on a wall mount

Here’s how to mount a monitor on a standard wall mount: 1.

Use a wall adapter.

This works with almost all wall adapters.


Use an HDMI cable.


Connect a display to a display port on your PC. 4.

Plug in a USB-C cable to connect a USB port on the monitor to your computer.


Connect an Ethernet cable to the monitor.


Connect the monitor’s Ethernet port to your PC or laptop’s Ethernet switch.


Connect your monitor’s USB-A to the computer’s USB port.


Plug the monitor in and see what happens.


Plug your USB-D or Thunderbolt cable into the monitor and see if your computer or laptop can charge it.

If it does, then you’re done!


If you’re running macOS Sierra, the monitor will automatically connect to your macOS Sierra computer or macOS Sierra Mac.


If your monitor is a Mac, you’ll need to set up an Apple Account for it. 12.

You’ll also need to enter your Mac’s password to use the monitor if you want to keep it connected to your Mac.


To keep your monitor on the wall, attach it to a wall outlet, such as a wall-mountable wall, and mount it from there.


If all else fails, you can buy a monitor that can be mounted on any standard wall mounting surface (i.e. the underside of a wall, wall rail, or a door).

If you can’t find a standard mounting surface, you could use a wall bracket that can also be mounted.

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